Share Your In-store Zolli Shopping Trip!

Show Us Your Shopping Trip!

We've been busy expanding into a number of new locations, and we'd love to see videos of you shopping for Zolli Candy in store!

Share your in-store Zolli shopping trip with us and receive a $10 Gift Card* as our thank you. Just tag us on socials @ZolliCandy and #zollicandy. Then send an email to with a link and your email address. You will receive a $10 digital gift card to shop on our online store. 

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Video Creation Tips

Creating a video of a shopping experience to buy Zolli Candy can be a fun and engaging way to showcase the product and its benefits. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to film the process:

Outline the key points you want to cover in the video, such as introducing the product, highlighting its features and benefits, and showcasing the shopping experience.

Choose a location for filming where Zolli Candy is sold - check out Where Can I Find Zolli Candy in Stores?

Film yourself or someone else as they navigate through the store aisles to find Zolli Candy. Show close-up shots of the product packaging and any promotional displays. Be sure the aisle is clean and organized.

Introduce the Product

Start the video by introducing Zolli Candy and explaining what makes them unique, such as their tooth-friendly formula and delicious flavors.

Highlight Benefits

While shopping for Zolli Candy, highlight their benefits such as being sugar-free, dentist-approved, and good for oral health. You can also mention any special promotions or discounts available.

Engage with Viewers

Throughout the video, engage with your audience by asking questions, sharing personal anecdotes, or encouraging them to leave comments or questions.

Provide Call to Action

End the video with a call to action, such as encouraging viewers to try Zolli Candy for themselves or visit the company website for more information.

Edit and Enhance

Once you've filmed the footage, edit the video to enhance the viewing experience. Add captions, background music, and visual effects as needed to make the video more engaging.

Share the Video

Once the video is complete, share it on your social media channels, website, or YouTube channel to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers.

Tag @ZolliCandy and use hashtags #zollicandy and any other additional, appropriate, trending hashtags to get your post noticed.

We're in select locations around the United States - check to ensure your local store carries us!


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Whole Foods

Dollar General

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Rite Aid